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If you haven't already installed that version PLEASE READ the original release notes as well as the 64-Bit Upgrade Guide found below BEFORE INSTALLING this hotfix.

Original Release Notes

64-Bit Upgrade Guide

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Minor Enhancements


Stones Report

A new report has been added that displays a summary view of items with stones along with all the stone attributes. It is found under Reports > Inventory > Stones.

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Corrective Changes


Cardknox VX Plugin Showing as PAX

The Cardknox VX plugin was being incorrectly titled as PAX within the software.


Dashboards - Post Pick Up Service Adjustments

Adjustments made to service jobs after they are picked up were not being reflected on Dashboards.


Ability to Mark Bulk Categories Inactive

Previously, it was not possible to mark a category inactive if it contained any bulk items, even if their quantity was 0.


Imported Shipping Taxes - Unable to Void

After importing shipping taxes, you could receive the error 'Cannot set column slKey2. The value violates the MaxLength of this column' when trying to void a sale that was shipped using an imported tax.


Customer Statements - Company Street Address Missing Spacing

The store's company street address line on statements was missing a space between the number and street name.


Adding Items - Save and New not Clearing Invoice after Vendor Change

When adding inventory, if you used Save and New to add your next item and changed the vendor, the invoice number was not being cleared.


Rapid Reorder Report - Styles in Multiple Categories Incorrectly Grouping

Having the same vendor/vendor style sold in multiple categories was causing improper grouping on this report.


Appraisals - Show Scales Displaying Wrong

When an appraisal has 'Show Scales' selected, some values were being displayed twice.


Appraisals - Voiding Cancels

If you canceled an appraisal at POS, you would receive an error if you attempted to void the transaction with the cancel on it.


Export for Mailing - Extra Details

When using Customer > Export > For Mailing, the software was including additional customer data not relevant to mailing. To export this extra data, you should use Customer > Export > For Other.


EDT - Imported Wishes not Highlighting at POS

Wishes imported from your website using EDT were not causing the Wish List button at POS to highlight green.


Item Pop-Up - Indicator Not Being Removed

After marking all pop-ups on an item inactive, the green tab indicator would still appear.


Item Pop-Up - Cannot View Inactive

The 'Show Inactive' checkbox on the item pop-up tab did not work and it was not possible to view inactive pop-ups.


Printing Reports - Page Numbers Not Matching Screen

When printing reports, the page numbers shown on the screen did not match what was being printed.


Queued Items - Saving Original Recost

If you queued an item for placement on a purchase order and changed the cost, when received, the re-cost of the item would default to the old original value instead of your new cost.


Department Report - Not Grouping by Department

This report was not grouping by department.


Purchase Orders - Cutting Off Descriptions

Purchase Orders were truncating descriptions. It will now print the full description and resize as necessary.


Showing Returns Report - Duplicate Parts

Running this report with the 'Show Consumed Parts' option check would cause the items to display twice.


Inventory Reports - Sort by Vendor Style

Inventory reports were not properly sorting by vendor style when selected.


Tender Detail Other - Missing CC Types

The Tender Detail Other report was missing the credit card abbreviations next to the payment amounts.


Statements - House Accounts Showing Total Estimated Due at Pickup

Statements that include House Accounts were inadvertently including the text 'Total Estimated Due at Pickup.'


Statements - Totals on Second Page

When printing statements, the statement total would break to a second page.


Image Editor - Slider Increments

When using the built-in Image Editor to adjust images, the sliders that control the settings, such as contrast, were only moving in 50% increments.


Statements - Text Reversed

When printing statements, the Balance Forward line was printing above the interest charge instead of below it.


Statements - Printing Extra Date/Page Number

When printing statements, the software was printing the date and page number in the top right which could print over some preprinted forms.


Purchase Orders - Cutting Off Notes When Printed

When printing Purchase Orders, notes could be cut off if they were long. Note this only affected printed orders; emailing orders was not affected.


Reports - Format Two Lines per Item with Primary Photo

If you selected the format Two Lines per Item with Primary Photo on an inventory report, it would only print one line of the description.


Commission Report - Showing Items from Excluded Categories

Sold items from categories set to 0 commission were still showing on the Commission Report.


Commission Report - Showing Margin Removes $ Comm

If you ran this report with Show Margin checked, the $ Comm column would display as zero instead of the calculated commission amount.


Sales by State Report - Missing Hyperlinks

This report was missing hyperlinks so attempting to click any of the numbers was not displaying the underlying records.


POS - No Prompt for Expired Gift Certificates

There was no override prompt required at POS to accept an expired gift certificate as payment.


Occasion Report - Sorting by ID not Date

The Occasions Report was sorting by the customer number instead of the occasion date.


Commission Report - Missing Joined Items

Joined items were missing from the Commission report. The report will now display the joined item. Stock parts that are part of the joined will be totaled and displayed with the joined item line. Special Order and/or Custom Job items that are part of the join will display as separate line items.


Attendance Report - Combining Punches for Associates with Same Last Name

When running the Attendance Report for multiple associates, if you had two associates with the same last name their punches would be combined. Note that running this report for individual associates would still give accurate results.


Commission Report - Last Page Difficult to Read

The last page of the Commission Report would print entirely in light blue which could make it difficult to read.


Appointments - Printed List Missing Time

When printing a list of Appointments, the Due Date column was missing the time.


Items - Ability to Enter a Negative Cost

The software now blocks you from entering a negative amount into the cost field of an item record.


Tender Detail Other - Amounts Could Break to Second Line

Amounts that exceeded 6 digits could break to a second line in some columns on this report.


Inventory Reports - Excel Export Missing Cost

If you exported an inventory report to Excel the cost column would be blank.

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