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If you haven't already installed that version PLEASE READ the original release notes as well as the 64-Bit Upgrade Guide found below BEFORE INSTALLING this hotfix.

Original Release Notes

64-Bit Upgrade Guide

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Corrective Changes


Tasks - New Customer Doubling

If you created a rule to generate an associate task when a new customer was entered, the task would be created twice if you searched before adding.


POS - Incorrect Birthday Displayed

If you entered the birthday as a full date (including year), the same birthday would incorrectly display at POS when selecting their spouse.


Emails with Images Taking a Long Time

Sending an email that included an image would take a very long time.


Multiple Notification Types Fail to Send

If you selected both text and email automatic notification options at Repair Intake, the notifications would not send when the repair was marked done.


Receipts - Double Digit Store Barcodes

If your store number was 10 or higher, the barcodes printed on receipts would wrap to the next line.


List Sorting including Capitalization

When sorting lists, capitalization was being taken into account so that all lower case entries appeared first. Case is now ignored.


Recv from Invoice - Missing Copy Item Details

When adding items using Recv Invoice, if you viewed details on an item the Copy Item Details button would be missing.


Repair History Incorrect Sorting

Repair history was not sorting chronologically.


Blind Counts - Excluding Joined

Joined Items were not being included when performing blind counts.


Sales by State Report - Missing Layaway Tax

Tax on layaways was not being included on this report.


Special Order - Suggest not using Templates

The Suggest button for special order descriptions was ignoring category description templates.


Editing Stone Details - Can't Create/Edit Lists

When modifying Stone Details, you could not create or edit lists.


Image Import Wizard - Missing Vendor Drop-down

The drop-down menu to select a vendor was missing on the Image Import wizard.


CC Tender Detail Report - Missing Color

This report was missing the alternating colors in the body.


Appraisal Intake - Missing Prev Appraisal Drop-down

The Prev Appraisal drop-down on the Appraisal intake form was missing.


Inventory Reports - Item Style Grouping

Inventory reports were not grouping by Item Style when selected.


Attendance Report - Sorting Associates

Associates will now be sorted in last name order on this report.


QuickBooks - Credit Card Posting

In some cases, credit cards were not posting correctly to QuickBooks due to capitalization differences in the card names.


Inventory Report Export Fixes

Exporting inventory reports now includes item age and stone details. Previously, this data was omitted.


Commission Report - Joined Items

Joined items were improperly displaying on this report. The Joined item will never show; instead, it's component parts will.


Mass Web Edit - Web Categories

The Mass Web Edit feature would previously only allow you to update web categories on items for Punchmark customers. It now functions with all web integrations.


Tender Card Report - Balance Discrepancy

In some cases, tje Tender Card report was displaying the incorrect balance.

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